'tis the season

Its a tradition in our household that on the first of December,we put up the christmas tree,decorate the house inside and outside in Christmas colours of red , green and gold.It is also a tradition that every year right from the time we got married,some gadget we need by all means to add to the festive spirit would give up its ghost.We have run several items like that year after year.To add up to the loooooooong list ,couple of years ago my trusted rusty camera decided it was time to retire . We were planning to get a digital camera anyways ,so we didn't make a huge fuss over that, we quietly bid farewell to dear ol'rusty and got a digital camera.Now this camera has been at the ICU for a while now .The news as of yesterday,is that,that the little digicam has finally been laid to rest.Whohoo!!! fantastic timing!!!!!.

Now you and I will have to wait till we get a new camera to see all those snowflakes I made. I had planned to do a snowflake picture for a day sort of thing.Now that I don't have my camera you will just have to imagine a snowflake a day. I do have quite a few things to show you all.Isn't that how it works.

Oh well......

I have finished almost all my WIPs ....almost coz they need a finishing touch here and there..........so I would march on into the Newyear,with no WIP guilt bothering me.


  1. Wow! Luck you to be able to get a new digital camera. And to be able to say that you'll be entering the new year witha WIP guilt-free status. Cool, Girl , you manged to keep your last years resolution!!
    I'd love to see those snowflakes and your Christmas tree.

  2. I will just wait patiently until you can post pics again. Our dvd player quit working properly and we had to get a new one. I was glad though, the old one a pain in the neck to use. This one is much easier.
    Congrats on the finished WIPS! Good job!

  3. I'm happy for you...cant wait to see your pics :)
    You amaze me with such discipline on finishing all your projects, and starting the new year with fresh ones :)


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