Things happening in my corner ....

Its so so sooo cold and so we all have a cold!

We've been having Carol services almost every day in the week, and needless to say it gets late in the night before we get home.Staying out in the cold for so long has taken its toll on our ENTs.

Poor little M is the worst affected,yesterday night he didn't sleep one bit . We had to take him to the hospital twice to first to get him some oral meds and then later to hook him on to the nebulizer.He was a champion thro it all keeping a cheerful disposition in-spite of his wheeze and cough and discomfort. Poor baby ,its so hard to see a little one suffer.

A is pestering us to let him go on the carol rounds.I have some beautiful childhood memories going on carol rounds.

Part of the fun for me,when I was a kid ,was staying out late in the night on the streets when the whole world was sleeping.It wasn't this cold,and it was fun howling on the streets with friends, while the adults looked the other way, when we walked from house to house. Nudging ,giggling in the quiet of the night ,as we got ready to sing in front of the houses we went to......... Getting stuffed on goodies till we could neither move nor breathe anymore leave alone was part of the school activity and we were so proud when we got a piano for the school choir the first year and then some other stuff the following years,I can't remember what......but really sweet sweet memories !!!!

No we were not the obnoxious bunch ,rather the fun loving devil may care kind.

A would not have it the same way but it would be an adventure for him all the same . Part of me wants to let him go and have fun and make the same sort of memories I did,part of me is not so sure...... about what I can't pin point.With his voice gone all croaky I wonder if he would really be able to sing....

anyways he went to practice for his other choir, late in the evening and came back home all excited.And talked nonstop ,about the practice section without pausing to breathe .He is becoming a bit of a chatterbox these days which I like and feel special about ........that he likes to share his experiences and thoughts with me. I hope this goes on into the teens too.

On the Hooking front, I have a few gifts projects going on for a A's teachers. Nothing big just small ones to give a personal touch.

Last thought: I really don't want to go on sounding like a broken record on the camera.


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