100% drool Worthy!

Maaaaan!!!!....... I can't think of anything else these past few days,and even my dreams are filled with these images that play over and over again in my mind.

think you know ? what's invading my sleep these days ,that is?After I peeked here and here. ..........I am drooling all over!!!

Wish it was as easy as walking into a mall and laying my hands on it,putting an end to this craze.....The more unattainable ,the more you want it...have you felt this way before?........'all for a mag'? my dh would laugh but you know what, he would surprise me with it if he could.

Anyways for now,I will just have to be content" oohing and aahing"at the projects people make from this mag.

By and by this too shall pass I tell myself ;)


  1. My LYS had plently. I'm willing to do a trade.


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