I've died.....

And am in yarn Heaven now!!!!!!!!!Guess what I discovered !!!What else but a new Yarn Store here!!!!

Until now,the place I called Yarn store was a store,where they had all sorts of sewing notions,and a few yarns that were on the shelves.There was no other choice of yarn except the scratchy,itchy poor quality acrylic yarn with lots of knots and splits in them .Usually there is just enough space for one person to stand.But I did enjoy going there coz that was what we had after all and used those yarns when I needed to practise something.Not just that,the store owner was a very friendly guy who would get nice imported yarn.....the King Cole ones once in a while if you ask him to.But now he's gone out of business and that shop is going to be selling only Sewing notions and sewing machines .I was really upset about that.
Not anymore .......
So now this is a Real yarn store Barakat, with bins,shelves of yarns that you can walk into,touch and feel the yarn,choose the yarn you want........... something vaguely (just to give you an idea how cool it was)like the ones that Vik shows in her pictures of the yarn district.......ofcourse not those exotic yarns

This store carries a LOT of yarn......mostly cotton yarns and Cotton Blends......... from Schachenmeyer Bravo....They also have some acrylic wool blends and also some very nice and soft 100% acrylic yarns and baby yarn as well.And there were a few skeins of funfur,and also lots of threads!!!!Although the number of skeins they had per colour were few,the sales girl (very friendly and helpful) assured me they were getting in more .

I never wanted to get out of there and I spent over an hour over there. I,promptly got myself a Privilege card,coz I know this store is gonna be the love of my life as long as I stay here and I am going to keep coming here as much as possible
They also have other stuff,like sewing materials,notions,oil paints etc.

And the best part,they even have classes for whatever craft you want to learn.I plan to take a few classes in the hope of finding a few friends who share these crafts. Dh got me an hr's class already but I'm not sure what to learn .I want to make maximum use of it mainly because of the fee.

I couldn't find the bamboo purse handles I was hoping to find but they did have a plastic round handle.

Now all these don't come cheap.....no, its one of those high end stores,where everything costs an arm and a leg.But soooooooo worth it to just roam around and feel and touch the yarn.

I am about to finish my Butterfly shawl and my ribbed scarf is coming along very nicely.I actually figured out how to do a ribbing properly with this scarf.I also learnt that the knit stitch looks like a purl stitch on the other side. So now I am not stressing myself trying to remember the pattern,I just look at the stitches and knit and purl accordingly.

However ,this scarf is going to take a long time to finish I think,mainly because.......

  1. I find knitting is slower than crocheting,especially when done on small needles

  2. also knitting needles can prick

  3. its also difficult to knit with a toddler around since the needles point outwards and you don't know when your toddler is going to fall over you in one of his crazy moments.


  1. Wow! Yay for you. I hope you have lots and lots of fun in your yarn store.

  2. Congratulations Pearlin! That is great news . Now how can I convince dh to move to Kuwait ;). I'm all greedy just reading about this place ...

  3. you've been tagged. Check out my blog.

  4. Good for you and the yarn store-you have nicer brands than I can find locally here.

  5. Yay! Finally a place where you can pet to your heart's content. Maybe a new home??? ;)

  6. You sure arent dreaming this time ;) Your yarn fantasy came true!

  7. Thanks Swapna,
    Yasmin.........I've been telling you all along to move over here.Now you have valid reason!
    Deneen,you really think we have nicer brands?
    Kel,I would make it a home
    Mimi I know,I really couldn't believe I was in a yarn store!!!Lol


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