Last year ........

On this day......... I ventured into the world of Blogs. Never thought I would last this far ,but did nevertheless .It wouldn't have been possible tho' without my wonderful online family. You all are so special to me for sharing your worlds with me and for letting me share mine with you all.

Thanks for being there for me :) ,making me feel welcome,for taking time to comment,support, appreciate and encourage me along this path.

In celebration , is this Blogiversary contest :

Take a picture of your favourite place, or anything related that would fit into this category . Tell me something about it to explain why you like it.


Give me some feedback. Tell me what you like or don't like about my blog............. ;)

Leave the link to the picture on your Blog in my comments section .You have till Sunday 28th.Each comment will be get an entry and I will draw out the lucky winner. The winner will get a Goody bag from me.

Happy Blogiversary to Meeeeeee!!!


And folks,I uploaded all my snowflakes pictures on flicker so now I can be out with the old.


    I'm seeing a preview here of your snowflakes phtos, they look great! I'll take a closer look...
    Hmm, about the blog contest, I have to think of something yet ;)


    I will think on a picture to submit!

  3. Happy Blogversary! So glad that you joined us in the blogging world - I've enjoyed reading your blog the past year!

    I'll have to think on a picture......hopefully I can find the time!

  4. Happy Bloggiversary!
    I've always loved reading your blog. I like your blog because it reflects your sweet self so well.
    And as for the picture, I'm digging out my camera. Lol !
    And oyur snowflakes look great !

  5. Happy Blogversary!
    Here is my favorite place!
    Point No Point, Washington. It is the farthest north point on the peninsula. We live about 30 minutes from it. It is a very quiet place and is never too busy. We will visit the lighthouse, watch the boats, cruise ships, large navel ships all come into and out of port from here. We will see dozen of sail boats, and from time to time some whales, seals, and lots of birds. Caleb loves playing in the sand and climbing over all the logs. We will spend an afternoon here with the whole family relaxing and enjoying the tranquil environment far away from the rest of the craziness.


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