A Date with Camels

Camel Farm trip is one we enjoy as we get to see these majestic ships of the desert in all shapes and sizes in large herds.

Grandpa Camel mommy and baby

a happy family

all buttoned up and ready to speak

Some men out there were trying to catch hold of a young camel to brand it.This camel,gave them a skip and ran around the whole area with one leg tied against it body.It was funny to watch the men running after the camel but also sad as it seemed like the camel knew what was coming and was therefore trying to escape.

A fun day in the rain.......yep it was raining cats and dogs .


  1. I like camels, I find them cute! I have a small stuffed toy camel ;)
    I wonder, what are camels raised for? Is it for their meat, skin or milk?...

  2. How neat-when I was about 9 years old, we went to some Safari Park and got to rind a camel (I think it was a seat set up between two humps)-cool animals!


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