A little weird , maybe?

This weird thing is doing the rounds again in Blogville.

I am perfectly Normal ......hmmmmmmm.....can't think of any reason why Yasmin thought I could be weird just like her and tagged me :P

So here is the list of six that I think are  weird about me.......

  1. I love dolls and still buy the cute ones that say "pick me pick me".They all are arranged neatly in my cupboard.I pet them when ever I feel like it.

  2. Although I like having dogs for pets,I am very scared of them and I never touch any animal or bird.

  3. I have never had to clip my toenails,coz I unconsciously rip them with my fingernails,obviously,they look ugly.

  4. I can never pass a musical instrument without hitting the keys or struming the strings,The other day while we were at a store, I graviated unconsciously,towards the guitar on display and started plucking the strings.........and realised what I was doing only after I noticed a few stares.

  5. I have a compulsion to hoard things....yarns,needles hook,pattern books,purses etc

  6. I have never held a baby until I had my own. I was too scared I would harm them. However when I had my own,I had no such qualms.

Seems like most people have already done this, but if you would like to share some weirdness in you , go ahead and please do.......... ;)


  1. Nothing weird in all that, except maybe...ripping your toenails?
    I passed again on this meme. I think I'm weird too, but my weirdness keeps on changing maybe every year...I still rarely watch a movie and I never read a novel.


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