Changes coming on.

Thanks a lot dear friends for the Anniversary wishes you all sent my way.
Curious what I got for my anniversary? well, this cute pendent with the chain.

Its been an emotional roller-coaster for me this past week.........little M will be starting preschool in April.Honestly I 'm panicking at having to let go of my baby.......of-course I am excited for his new adventures .But I'm so mixed up about it all that I don't even know,what I am feeling!!!!

My Butterfly shawl is complete,I just need to weave in the ends.I can't seem get done with it.

There is also the Size 30 thread doily I started on a whim.Just a few more rows to go on it too but still I can't seem to find the motivation to complete it.

The monotony of the pattern is killing me. I added beads instead of the picots in the pattern,not that I hate picots,just to add a bit of interest.Now I'm not too happy with the choice of the colour for beads.I have not got the effect I hoped for. Should get over with it this week, that is, if I'm not feeling too depressed over all the changes that are expected.

I went out and got some yarn called Sprinkles......its a 100%polyester yarn. This yarn has been here for a while,only I didn't know it existed.Anyways ,there were just six skeins of assorted colours left there.It resembles the Bernat Baby Bubbles.The only clean ones were a skein of purple and white variegated,and a couple of purple ones.So I got them .

Here's the picture of the skeins........


It's really
 soft and looks more like a towel.I think Mimi made a cell phone cozy with a similar yarn.A pillow would be nice I think.At the store they had a pretty little pillow made with pink/white yarn on display.The yarn was loooooong gone the girl there told me.

I added a couple more pages on my Home page,in an attempt to be more organised.I made a list of things I want to make this year .The list of yarns I've used and the list of yarns I'm dying to touch and see.Its a short list that I think will keep growing bigger and bigger with time :)

I want to add a recipes page too, to keep some of the easy peasy recipes I got from my mom.Lets see how it all goes.

oh and to people who make a mountain out of a molehill,if the phone keeps ringing,and none attended,its probably because they didn't hear it.Its not because they are purposely avoiding you.Would you please try calling again a little later???......... please....??? ?


  1. Pearlin i too have the same type of baby soft yarn, which my co-sister bought from US. I don't know what to do with it. can we use it with crochet hook? I have tried once but it was not looking good. I thought of making a small pillow. How can I do it? Can u help me?

    1. I still have that yarn back in India with me. I have used it to make a textured edge on another crochet project.
      Yes you can crochet with it.
      One tip is to use a bigger hook than what the yarn band asks you to use.
      Another one is to use single crochet stitch
      Also you can make a little cushion cover with it by crocheting two squares using single crochet and then stitch them together on the sides. The foundation chain shd be the length of the cushion you are trying to cover.
      If you know to knit, then the same thing bigger needle garter stitch , knit stitch only, two squares , join on the sides with single crochet or whip stitch. Hope this helps, if not feel free to ask more , I'll do my best to help you
      Try a small swatch first n let me know how it goes


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