Holiday Gift Exchange

Marvie's Gift Exchange package arrived today.Actually, got notice that it was at the customs on Wednesday evening.Since Thrusday and Friday are holidays,we got to take it out today.

Marvie sent me an awesome package.Every single item was packaged with cheerful holiday wrapper,individually wrapped and tied with a yarn bow.....very cute.

I had a very excited little helper who wanted to tear everything out .It became a task in itself to keep those little hands off the package.He seated himself right in middle of the table and squealed............."ooooooooooo kissmas tee!!!"(ooooo christmas tree!!) as I took out every package and unwrapped it.

Inside was a gorgeous handmade stole,in a lovely shade of brown,in the softest yarn I 've ever come across. I don't know what yarn it is.It just feels so luxurious against the skin!Everyone agreed it looked great on me,and I am saving it for our special event ;)

Two skeins of Lion Brand Suede lovely jewel tones it actually was on my wish list ,not anywhere online,just my little yarn journal and never told Marvie about cool is that?!

Two pretty balls of thread.

This was another colour I had on my wishlist .

A LOT of steel Hooks,I didnot count,as there were that many!

A thread cutter pendent..........another wishlist item!

Four Magic crochet Mags,a Knit It Mag,and a Simply Creative Crochet Mag.

People, these Mags all have adorable patterns in them

Guess what I found in the Simply Creative Crochet Mag? ............ Imagine my joy when I saw this Tunic!!!!! Springale Cookie Mould,something Unique from Germany.

A cute Drawstring bag!!!I looooooooooooove this bag!!!So cool!

StitchMarkers,Yarn Needles

Bamboo Knitting Needles

The Big question that's eating my brain right now is, How did Marvie put together the stuff I was lusting wishing for? I never posted a wish list anywhere online and I never told Marvie too :-?

A greeting card

There were also lots of Candy and oooooooops I forgot to take the picture of the case in purple she sent me to keep my hooks !!But can you blame me? I was so overwhelmed with the stuff she sent me.

Thank you Marvie, you spoilt me rotten!!!!


  1. Wow, what a wonderful gift package. That drawstring bag was very cool!

  2. I'm so happy you liked your package =) The yarn the stole is made from is Red Heart Symphony (can't remember the color though) I love the softness of it!

    I can't tell you how I knew what to send, I just went to the store thinking of you and got what called to me =) The same for the things I "shopped" for out of my own stash of stuff. Some things I just kind of figured you might have a hard time finding there, based on my experiences here in Germany. Mostly it was just going with my gut =)

    Have fun with your new goodies =)

  3. Drool ,Drool , drool ! Yup pearlin,you are right , I'd be drooling my head off. what a wonderful package. Lucky you.

  4. Wonderful package, you lucky girl!

  5. [...] I used the thread that Marvie sent me for centre.And the Varigated thread is Anchor Lifestyle Thread I bought from Mimi KAM14, I [...]


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