Not Just Mail

We also got hail :)

My friend and I were on the phone,talking about random things and she said,"Did you know we had a hail shower a few days back?"

Me :"Oh no I didn't!! I have never seen a hail shower,and always miss it when it comes."(coz its in the middle of the night)

We say some more random things,and hang up.

Five seconds later........

What do we get??!!! a hail shower!!! Lasted exactly for about two mins .

Amidst much squeals and running around , this is what we got!!!

I finally figured out how to post clickable pictures here on wordpress............yipeee!!!!


  1. Well, next to snow I'd be excited too, to see it for the first time.
    Didnt anybody got hit on the head with that hail?...
    And it must be dangerous to step on it, I wonder if anybody slipped...
    I dont think we had it here.

  2. Now that's a hail storm!!!! Happy belated Anniversary....lovely gift!!! Isn't it great to be with someone who can make you laugh!!!!


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