Still New

I'm still in the process of getting to know my camera.Though I 've had it for a while now,I have not got around to completely knowing the instrument.Usually I am one of those people who would learn all the stuff in the instruction manual by heart.Not so recently,blame it on adult ADD or Mommy Brain, whatever,I have not been able to do it .
I am learning as I go this time.Frustrating most of the time,coz I am not sure what I am doing,but it is also fun because of the surprise element involved.
So the weather was fantastic yesterday, clear sky, with no trace of dust,warm and sunny with a cool breeze blowing through the hair.It was the perfect day for getting to know my camera better.

And if you are wondering if I still crochet, have no doubt, dear friends,I do.Only I can't show pictures here yet coz they are all for my Spring Secret Pal.I know, I know,not one picture of an FO since the beginning of the New Year .


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