Ahmadi Festival

Good Things come Free? Oh Yes they do!!!!

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Who would have thought so, when you saw those advertisments for the Ahmadi Festival on every single lampost? Well, since this was a first of sorts for us, we missed out a lot of good stuff but still what we did get to see- the place turned into the mini fairy land at night- the fire works,the mid- air bike stunts ,the dance performances were just mindblowing!

Little M thinks he is "speder man" and had to only play here or nowhere else.Would you be surprised if I told you that he has never seen a Spiderman cartoon or that we don't even have a T.V at home.I think A instilled it in his head and inturn,A must have got the craze from school. I have no idea where else it could have come from.(btw,I have nothing against Spiderman or T.V. )

Nowadays,M thinks if some part of his body is troubling him, he can change it and get a new one in its place.The other day, his ear was itching and he says "mumma give me a new ear,this one is itching"_ if only things were so easy darling!!

Meanwhile you will never guess what 'pets' A has these days_ Red Ants_ he has them all in a bottle and he imagines all sorts of stuff with them.They come out to greet him,eat the cake he gives very happily etc.I really think there is a bond somewhere between boys and bugs.They find each other.

Also ,A has his final assesments this week.A few more days and this academic year will be over,and hardly a month,M will start preschool. Time surely seems to be going in a fast forward!!!.... As usual,I'm digressing here.

So I took along my scarf to the Carnival, and completed a good length . This is a simple garter scarf, I am making for my three year old niece who thinks she's a little princess and loves to play dress up :)

While at the Yarn store,I met the lady who teaches knitting there.She agreed to teach me to make a baby sweater. We started on it,I learnt to read patterns, but I am now wondering if I bit off more than I could chew........ She's very professional and extremely Sweet and knows thoroughly what she is doing ......... but she's leaving here for good in a few weeks.With my luck,this was bound to happen sooner or later :-P Get this people, she has been here for a good thirteen years and I get to know about her only when she is leaving.So I don't know if I will be able finish this sweater I am working on,however I am sure these few weeks will be a good learning experience for me. I am enjoying it so much and I am grateful for what I've got!

I really can't wait to show the pictures of stuff I made for my swap partner and get your feedback on them.Meanwhile I weaved in all the ends of that Butterfly Shawl I completed a while back .So its Complete now and I can strike it off my things to do list. I will take a picture and show it here tomorrow.


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