Butterfly Shawl

Imagine this is my first FO for 2007 !!!! I had finished it a while back but didn't feel like weaving in those ends.I went ahead making other stuff and put this one aside.when I had finished up all the stuff for my Secret Pal and couldn't think of the next thing to make, rather not in a mood to make anything else I pulled it out and wove in the ends .

Its made with assorted Lion Brand Homespun yarns and a K hook. If you like the Pattern is here.
Its nice and soft to wrap around.Now that Spring is here ,I won't be using it but I am all ready for next winter :D

Here is the close up of the colours

So what do you think ?using all those colours together? I actually like it,but if you do think I am colour blind please let me know ;)


  1. I love the texture of the homespun yarns. Your color choice is perfect!

  2. Its very pretty! The colors are nice, I think the blue makes it more modern. Hmm...any chance of you modelling it? ;)

  3. Beautiful Shawl. Great colours.......and I don't detect any colour blindness! Wow! Homespun ...you have me drooling !!

  4. WOW! That is beautiful! Is it heavy feeling?

  5. Anne welcome to my blog and thanks for your comments

    Deneen ,Mimi And Yasmin Thank You Thank you :)

    Hi Wendy, Thank you.Its great to see you here :) No its not heavy .

  6. I love it, but am confused at the directions. Why do you start with a "ch 8, slip st to end chain to form a circle" to get a flat shawl? Am I reading it wrong?
    Thanks, I really would like to make this.


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