Sunny Table Runner

When the Cover of the Mag says " All Patterns Triple Checked", you tend to think, you made a mistake somewhere while working it. And go frogging , stitching and bitching then repeat the dance again until you realise , there could be a typo in the pattern inspite of that assurance.

The foundation chain says 185 chains,which doesn't correspond to the row counts given later in the pattern.After much huffing and puffing, I figured,you just need to do 95 chains for the foundation.So all is well now.

I know others would have no problem figuring it out at once, for me not so ,since I can't even figure out elementary of the reasons I opted out of it in school :)

Being the inexperienced crocheter that I am, it now makes me nervous to try out other patterns in the Mag,What if there are more typos in other patterns that I can't figure out? .

In case you can't make out heads or tails of what I am talking about,its about the Sunny Table Runner pattern from the Family Circle Easy Crochet Mag.

Its going out to my secret pal, so pictures will have to wait. I'm using the Catania instead of Sugar and Cream yarn.

The list of things I've completed

  1. Beaded size 30 doily

  2. A set of four Coasters

  3. Donell's Drawstring Bag

  4. Head Kerchief from the above mentioned Mag

  5. Magic Square Hotpad

  6. Lace and shell dishcloth

  7. A garter stitch scarf

I'll leave you with pictures our Friday.

While I knitted without a care by the fountain at the park , the children amused themselves

Later, Lunch was at the Udupi restaurant, where they keep refilling your plate until you can't move . YUM!!! . That's the closest I could get to the wedding feast food I was craving for.

I loved these pretty flowers.Its officially Spring now!


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