Toddler Thought Process

  1. Why does this cat wear the same dress everyday?

  2. Fish know how to smile?

  3. The Letter A looks like a triangle,then why is momma calling it A at one time and triangle at another time?

  4. The egg knows you are getting down from the table ,so when you get down,you have to tell the egg," peeeze wait,I'm coming back"

  5. When momma comes to wash me up,I need to pull out the water hose and direct it at her,so she gets drenched in water as well.

  6. I'm  not all dressed up until I dab lipstick on my lips.

  7. No matter who is calling on the phone,I must switch on the hands free and yell,"I'm doing fine".

  8. Why doesn't momma understand playing in the water,jumping in dirty water puddles and checking out thrash cans are Fun activities with a big F.

  9. So is pulling down things from a high shelf and scribbling on the wall and in Big Brother's school books

  10. Lets not forget,if it is paper,it must be first scribbled upon and then torn into several pieces

  11. Fridge,Microwave and oven are great storage areas for all sorts of toys

  12. If momma is in a hurry to get things done ,I just must throw a tantrum,or dip my little hand into the sugar jar,and sprinkle it around and then  spill water or milk over it  on the kitchen floor.


  1. Aww, they are just too smart ;)

  2. They have us trained now, don't they?


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