What do you do with them?

I like to keep my crochet and knitting stuff organized.So everytime ,I either buy yarn or hooks or needles,I clean out the drawers where I keep them and arrange everything neatly in a row.Admire them all till my kids come along and peep in to find something to claim as their own.Its a big No to open Mamma's drawers of Hooks and Needles.

Anyways ,as I was cleaning them out, I discovered a bunch of yarn labels. Not those with patterns behind them,those have their own plastic holders. These are just yarn labels with no care instructions behind them ,you know, the plain ones.I didn't want to throw them out so I have them all in the drawers.

They serve no purpose, sometimes I do use them as bookmarks for the pattern I am working from that particular yarn, and at other times use then to hold needles ; thats about it .

I don't throw them out either,infact,its kind of hard to throw them away just like that.It feels like throwing away yarn .So I've been wondering, What do you do with those yarn labels?


  1. I usually attached the care portion to the item I made if giving as a gift. If the yarn is all gone, and there is no pattern on it. I throw them out. I am like that. I dislike keeping things that serve no purpose to me anymore. I also have a tiny house about 800 sq ft and a 3 year old so I really have no choice but to make those kinds of decisions. =)

  2. I would keep a sample of each kind, just to remember the details of that yarn, but if I dont think I wont be buying or using anymore of that, I'd just throw it away. To organize it, I have a small clearbook where I could put it in, but that is still on my to-do list. I have the labels in the boxes where I also put the leftover yarns and threads ;)

  3. If the labels end up being too many, I always give them to other beginners who would like them for a pattern collection.


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