An Amazing Rescue Secret Pal!!

All the way from Norway!!!!! Monica, my fantastic Rescue Secret pal,went all out,to make up for my own disappointed Swap.

She sent me lovely cards,hugs,and Woody Woodpecker cartoons,Tinkerbell Videos on You Tube ,and made sure I was pampered enough and more.

The icing on the cake,came in a package I got yesterday. Actually ,the box had arrived a few days back but our weekend got in between me and my package.

.......take a look at all this !!!!!

Isn't that just fabulous!!!I wouldn't be exaggerating if I said my jaw dropped looking at all this yarny goodness.  I already have plans for some of them ;)

Take a closer look at some very cute charms,they have little messages like 'made just for you,'made with love' etc on them.

two heavenly smelling beauty lotions ,

a Norwegien Card that says Today you are a star,you are absolutely Fantastic!

with a very warm hand written note inside........awwwwwww Monica, thank you for being such a special Rescue Secret pal. You surely outdid yourself putting together this amazing package for me .Infact you are one who is absolutely Fantastic!!!

I am on Cloud9 .........thanks to you :D


  1. They're all gorgeous! I hope you have lots and lots of fun with all the yarns (and show us your FOs, too!) Hope your knee is better.

  2. Lucky you, what a wonderful package! The made for you charms are too cute!


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