Home made curd

I love homemade curd,I've been trying for a while to make curd at home here unsuccessfully.Then asked fellow blogger Viji of Vcusine the how tos.

Making curd at home – it is not so easy here as we do it in India. Here are few tips (especially for Kuwait ). Use full fat fresh milk always (like Almirai, Kdcow). In winter use more culture (I mean curd/laban) to the milk – when it is slightly warm and keep it inside the MW oven. I got better results from laban only (I mean the first time). Then you can use your own culture. In summer, you won’t find it difficult in fermentation. When you mix the culture mix it well with the milk. If you still need any ideas, ask me. Viji

Well,I am glad to report,I 've been successful finally!! ;) Thanks Viji

Edited : I added the instructions she gave me coz, many searches to Home made Curd led to this post.


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