My kids know...

Scene I
I dislocate my knee and pain is killing me.I grimace and bear it ,dh comes along....... looks at me and asks , if he can do anything to make me feel better.My soon to be three year old pipes in,"get some yarn"

Scene II
Dh and I are getting ready to go go see the doc, the little monster comes along and enquires "where are you going? to the yarn store?"
All he can associate with me is yarn!!!!Maaaaaaaaaaan I must really have it Bad ........ this yarn addiction ,you know!
But he really knows me :P

Blogger Hates me!!!,I have been trying so many times to post comments on friend Blogs ,it just doesn't get thro.....I hope it will
be back to normal soon.Its getting to the annoying part now .


  1. Oh you poor thing! I hope your knee gets better soon! {{hugs}}

  2. Smart kid, cant hide anything from him ;)
    Get well soon...

  3. Hi pearlin Thanks for dropping by. Nice to know about you. Nice blog and I like your Crochet works. Very nice. I was a professional tailor before and i learnt crochet and embroidery also to some extent. Get well soon. Viji

  4. Swapna ,thanks for the hugs and wishes
    Mimi,you are spot on abt him!thanks
    Hi viji
    thanks for visiting me here too and for your kind comments,Great to know that you are a professional tailor.I think I can take classes from you then i so want to learn to sew :)


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