7 things

Kel tagged me for 7  things .........thanks  Kel :)

1. I have an obssessive compulsion to finish whatever I start,or I can't live in peace.

2. I met my hubby for the first time at a distant cousin's wedding,I was eight years old :) I have a distinct memory of the incident where both of us were together in  and seeing him,dh doesn't remember seeing me,but remembers the incident!

3.I  never held a baby before I had my own babies

4. Ice creams give me a headache but I still eat them

5.I am the shortest among my cousins on my maternal side of family.

6. I  used to enjoy writing letters ,not anymore :(

7. I  need to check the date and day every time someone asks me or put it  down somewhere,coz I can't remember that at all,no matter how hard I try.


  1. No problem, it helps me get to know you better ;)


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