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Like I said earlier,we've been busy these days, taking my inlaws around and shopping.

The first place they had to see were The Camels.Ofcourse like always,I took tons of pictures of the animals, but will spare you guys and show just one. The scorching sun drained out all our energy !!We didn't get out of our fully air conditioned car, even then,we were totally exhausted after the trip there.It amazes me how those men there ,survive in the little tents they have built, to protect themselves from the sun.

This place is a kind of a farm,and they have sheep and horses too.One man there, thought we were looking for a sheep to buy and dragged a huge unwilling Sheep near our car and showed her to us.

It was funny that he didn't understand the sign language we used, to tell him that we didn't want one.He thought we were not happy with the price he quoted and tried to persuade us that he would give us a good price. Boy! were we relieved when he finally understood that we were there to gawk at those animals. Anyways,we were glad this man didn't fly into a temper and throw something at us . Really, somethings happen only to us(me and dh)!!!!

Next stop was the Kuwait Towers

My mil was in total awe of the place, my fil wasn't as eloquent but he was very impressed too.

There are two levels.One of it has a revolving restaurant and you can look at Kuwait from different angles here.
We stood there marvelling at the workmanship,how tiny the city looked from up there .

Had some Hot chocolate and snacks at the restaurant Chit chatted for a while, admired the things in the souvenir stall

the crafts man with his SandArt in a Bottle .We watched him work for a while.Truly Fascinating!!!The skill and ease with which he works,is mind blowing! All he uses is different kinds of funnels and coloured sand to draw those pictures into the bottle.After he is done, he seals them with some kind of glue, and puts some more sand on top.And the work stays tight ,even if you turn the bottle upside down.

I remember, I got similar sand art in a bottle , a year ago at the CityCentre, for a much lower price than quoted here.Anyways,Souvenir stalls at Tourist attractions, do cost a lot more than stalls at other places .

Finally a cute picture of little M

Toddler Thought Process

At the Fish Market

OOOOOOOOOH so this is where all the fish sleep?!!!

It was then we realized that we never took little M to the Aquarium what better time than this,so off we went to the Aquarium.More pictures tomorrow.......


  1. Wonderful pics! The camels seem tired, the towers look magnificent, the boy looks so happy, the souvenir shop looks very interesting!

  2. Wow I just loved looking at your pictures. You should have set up a slide show. I would have loved to look at the rest. What an interesting place to visit. The towers are beautiful.


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