Danger comes without a Warning!

Little M loves to play with my cosmetics and accessories.Although I don't like him putting his little hands into my stuff, I indulge him once in a while.When he wants to put on lipstick, I put a little coloured lipbalm for him, or when he wants to wear a little clip on his hair, I put it on his hair for him.He plays with my dupattas, my handbags, my bangles, my earrings , shoes,everything.

Infact , he loves to role play me a lot, when I am cooking,he takes all the unused vessels from the kitchen , and would be cooking up some imaginary meal; when I am crocheting or knitting, he'd take some scrap yarn and a pen and pretend to crochet.

So when he came back from playing with our neighbour's daughters, I didn't  pay much attention to the broken earring bead  he was holding in his hand and declaring to his dad that he wanted his ears pierced to wear an earring.Dh was laughing indulgantly and I was busy doing something.....I can't remember what,the next second, I see him jumping up and down crying,and the ever watchful A yelled,"he put the bead into his nose".

Dh and I rushed  the by now, hysterially crying, little M and Big brother A ( he was crying coz he couldn't bear to see his  little brother  suffer) to the ER.More hysterial crying and Some struggle  later , and  they  finally got the darn thing out.

After that ,everything  we've been talking to him, went along these lines ,' don't put anything into your nose, ear or mouth  ' to which his standard reply is, so why are you telling me this ........what happened?........ did he block it out already?  I am not sure,I hope he doesn't for a while atleast, coz if we were shaken by anything in a while, this was IT. *the coin and the pen for scale*


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