Honey,I'm home!

My short vacation to India is over and I 'm back !!!

 Super excited and thankful

 to have my dad help me with the check in at TVM airport

to get wonderful seats, friendly  flight pursers, and a friendly passenger next to our seat

to have a very responsible Big Brother A, who was  my helpful buddy and took amazing care of little M when he needed to.

to make it second in line at the immigration

to retrive our baggages without any help

be one of the first to get out of immigration and customs

and meet dh at the airport waiting for us right next to the exit door

to come home from the airport and be greeted by a spic and span home and a cute welcome note from dh.

Not overly excited about:

my  sleep deprived state  of mind (thanks to little M who couldn't sleep with the excitement coming back to see his dad back home)

my allergies which is making me sneeze every five seconds.

the little parrot that dh has got as a gift for A

Little annoyed about :

Accidently deleting a post I wrote before leaving to India and having no back up of the post.

My pictures not showing up properly on my blog and having to spend a while editing it all again.

So, I have loads of pictures from India to post, I will do so later.

Meanwhile my ribbed scarf is done and has been presented to my dad he loved it!!!, my Mom and Sil loved the stuff I made for them too. Both of them were so touched I spent so much time making things for them.I forgot to take the scarf I made for my brother and he said he  was quite shocked and jealous that I made him only one scarf and I forgot to pack it too.....while I made a lovely shawl and stole for his wife.He refused to believe my assurances that I had not forgotten him ......hehehehe.I'm flattered though that he expected my hand made stuff  , given that he is not very vocal about his thoughts!

Tomorrow is a big day for us and specially for little M, nothing big planned out yet but we will make sure it is special in every way for him.


  1. Glad you're back, and had a wonderful vacation! Be looking forward to seeing more pics ;)
    Your handmade gifts would surely be cherished.


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