Now that I'm back....

I thought I'd first  show  the ribbed scarf I finished while I was in India,and something else...... ;) so without much ado,

my first the knit ribbed scarf.........

Although it took ages for me to get this scarf done,mainly because of the size of the yarn.I am glad I learnt a thing or two about ribbing with this scarf.I did make a couple of boo boos but I managed to fix it up, so it doesn't show in the scarf.Not bad for a first time eh?

I do have a couple more knit scarves done  in garter stitch,one is with the eyelash yarn, and another with a yarn called Symphony also from Schachenmeyer.Right now I can't remember where I placed that ,too lazy to take it out , snap a shot and put it on the blog .Moreover I didn't want to bore you guys with pictures of garter scarves with nothing special about it.

The Material list :

Yarn :

Used about four skeins of

  • Schachenmeyer Nomotto Bravo

  • 100% Acrylic

  • Colour: 8226 (farbe:8226 partie:64092)


  • size 12  Straight knitting needles Pony

Pattern : Is here.

Note to self: Never make a scarf with  fingering weight or dk yarn, it will go on and on  and on and on ..............forever !

And now for that special points for guessing right, coz I always get lucky when it comes to!!

Admit it, you are turning green now, looking at that delicious yarn ;)

in the picture are ......

two skeins of Decadence 100% superfine Alpaca in Winter Berry,

two skeins of Shine Worsted 60% Pima cotton 40% Modal in Terra Cotta

two skeins of the same yarn in Crocus,

two skeins of Main Line 75% Pima cotton, 25% Merino Wool in Antique Rose

Now aren't you wondering how I got all these goodies?

Well, my Rescue Secret Pal's mission of rescuing me  didn't stop thought it ended long back, yea I thought so too,KnicKnac , our swap co ordinator decided to spoil me one final time and asked me to choose the yarn I wanted .Needless to say , I was thrilled to bits to be able to choose yarn online and get it.

So I chose all these from Knit  Picks and she got them for me  and sent it to my brother and he brought them to India for huh?!!!!. yea totally !!

Thanks so so much Knic Knac you made this Swap to be one of the Best Swaps I've been in.


  1. Welcome back!

    The scarf looks terrific.

    I love Knit Picks yarn.

  2. The yarns look yummy!
    Good work on the scarf! You used up four skeins, that's a lot of of ribbing work ;)

  3. [...] when my secret pal asked me to choose yarns from Knit picks, which was a very exciting, fun thing to do, I chose the yarn that pattern called for,with the [...]


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