Oooops whatcha gonna call me now?!


Only when Casey mentioned in the comments about Ravelry that I could have used another email ,did I remember , I did have an email I didn't use for a long time.So you know what happened?

Your invitation was sent on June 12, 2007. We just sent you a new copy of the email (from in case it was lost or eaten by a spam filter.

 So I went straight to my long forgotten email address, opened it, its not there, I move on to my junk box and there are not one but four invites !!! 

DUH ! Only my family knew so far, now the internet and all the world know  !

OK , I'm in now! YAY!!!


  1. Lol Pearlin!
    If your invitation was sent June 12, then you signed-up earlier than I did :p


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