When the buzz was going on,everyone who's been there  said its a coooooool and The Place to be, so I signed up .  I've been waiting and wondering and thinking I will get the invite as soon  all those girls owning those wonderful blogs are done getting in. Just saw at Mimi's site  that you could check where in line you stood to get in. So........,I went ahead and checked up my name ........as disappointing as  it can get, I wasn't there at all. Now I've signed up again.

And this is the message that I got....

  • You signed up on Today

  • You are #19210 on the list.

  • 12833 people are ahead of you in line.

  • 0 people are behind you in line.

  • 31% of the list has been invited so far        ..................no wonder I feel like I am standing at the farthest corner of the earth in the line.
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    1. I hope you're not so disappointed Pearlin...if you check again you will see that several people are now behind you in line. But who knows, pretty soon everyone will have been invited or can sign-up instantly ;)

    2. You signed up earlier and you aren't on the list? Maybe you signed up with some other email address?

    3. Mimi, I am willing to wait,but I am dying of curiosity :D

      Casey, I think that could be a possiblity. thanks for the tip :)


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