Booties for a Big Baby

Everytime I start making something,little M would run up to me and ask ,"Mumma are you making that for me?".

Just when  I wanted to try Mimi's booties, he came with twinkle in his expressive eyes,smiled and asked eagerly, "Mumma are you making this for me?".It completely melted my heart to see the anticipation in his eyes that I decided I would  make this bootie for him.So I said "yes sweet heart, I am making it for you".Completely thrilled with the answer, he ran away to play with his brother.

I decided to use yarn first and  later make the booties in  thread the pattern calls for.The reason I made these so fast is ,first , these booties were so easy  to make with very clear instructions.Second , whenever M saw me doing  somethingelse , he would come and  demand in that stern tone, "Mumma aren't you working on my bootie?"  I had no choice  but to work till I finished.It fit M so well! gasp I am not used to getting the right size often. He walks around the house wearing them, it really is cute.

Now I am all set to make these booties in thread .

Yarn :Hariri 100% acrylic (local yarn)

Hook:Inox 2.5mm

Pattern:Mimi's Baby Booties


  1. Two questions:
    First, doesn't the acrylic yarn make them slippery?
    Second, aren't they bumpy?

  2. That turned out cute, Pearlin! I didn't know you made it first with yarn, no wonder it was big ;) Btw, I still have to find the ties that I made before, since I could not remember or easily reconstruct what I did.

  3. Swapna, since its carpet all over, it doesn't get slippery when he walks and the ties hold the booties so well in place from sliping off the leg.
    Thanks Mimi,I did a simple tie as you can see.

  4. How about being bumpy and hurting the soles when you walk on them?

  5. Swapna, the acrylic is very soft actually not rough at all, so it doesn't hurt the soles.(I just checked for you if it was red or not :D )he seems to be comfortable wearing them.So I guess its not bumpy.

  6. [...] is my second bootie from the same pattern,the earlier one ,I made with yarn.I made this the new born size .I’m so thrilled the gauge is spot on ! The pattern didnot [...]


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