Not enough words to say.......

how much I love you !

My three pound teeny tiny baby is anything but tiny now.He turned nine years old yesterday.I am now resigned to the fact that time does fly past in the blinking of the eye;so I won't even mention it.

I've always known A had the kindest, gentlest, most generous heart but now I know he is also thoughtful and sensitive.

He got a set of cars for his little brother with the little allowance we gave him so M won't be left out without a gift when he opens his on his birthday . And we had no idea of this until he gave him the set of cars the morning of his birthday!

Enough to melt my heart into mush.

A little party with his friends at home , then a lovely family buffet dinner at his favourite Chinese restaurant is definitely our kind of fun.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!May you have many many more!


  1. Happy birthday to your son :) ...Such a thoughtful and sweet brother!

  2. A belated Happy Birthday to A. He is such a wonderful little boy. You should be so proud. It's blessing to have such caring and loving speaks a lot of you!.
    P.S. Hove him a HUGE Hug from me.

  3. Thanks Yasmin,I am proud of him but it has got nothing to do with me.! Honest! :) Sure I will.


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