O dear what can the matter be?!

I've been working on the Baby's Round Ripple Afghan  for a while now.I am not too happy with the way its shaping up.

I've been following the pattern as such. Can't understand why it won't lay flat and I couldn't find out an obvious boo boo.I am sorely tempted to frog it all and start over........... I would probably never start over  because I tend ot think its cursed or something.  I don't want to frog it just yet either.

So ,is this how it is supposed to be?Would it eventually lay flat ,once the border is done?


  1. Oh, I hope you find out what went wrong.
    Maybe you have a different gauge?
    Did you see Kimberly's ripple afghan, she's working on the same pattern.
    Btw, that yarn looks familiar...if its the same as the one I bought a long time ago (and I think the owner of the store is from India), it isn't a soft yarn at all.

  2. As Mimi mentioned I am working on this pattern also. I'm using 2 strands of yarn held together with a N hook. I'm not having any issues with it laying flat. I would suggest checking to ensure that you have the same number of stitches going on each section and make sure that you are alternating 2 rows of 2dc - ch 2 - 2 dc in the end point with 2 rows of 1 dc - ch 2 - 1 dc

    A few years back I started a Ripple which would not lay down as well. I frogged and quit that one but this second attempt is turning out great!

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