Time to spread out those wings .....

And do the test flight!

To think the time has come,to let go, its hard to swallow that lump that forms in my throat.No more sleeping in and leisurely breakfasts and snacking at will.......its going to be a mad rush from now on.

My heart keeps whispering,oooooo he's so little, my head counters , children this age start regular school back in India.

When I think that this is an end of A phase, a cutting of a cord,my heart sinks a little. When I think that I will cease to be his world and he will be out into the world on his own now(even if for just four hours)I send a hurried prayer,Please Lord keep him safe .

And although I don't really feel it,it did pass my mind, I am a mom of two school going children!Wow!I'm old now!

I am going to miss my baby although he seems so ready to go out and explore.He's excited I know that from his giggles.

Tomorrow little M starts school ...............I am reminded of a thought that passed my mind,as I went into the labour room,to deliver M our life is taking a new turn and changing for ever!


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