Blame it on Steve Irwin!

A still thinks he can plead enough and get a pet.

A : mumma can we have a dog or a cat after M is five years old

Me: we can only hope he will outgrow it then sweetie

A : Why can't we have a pet (getting a little whiny)

M :coz M is allergic to pet hair

A: oh only that!!! then we can have a pet that has no hair?!

Me: like ?!

A : like a snake or a lizard,  you know,they have no hair.....and I'm sure their scales or  skin don't cause allergies....please say yes mumma...........please ......

Me: snakes and lizards!!!!..........ewwwwwwww!!

A :but Steve in Crocohunter says they are beautiful and gorgeous!

Me: but he didn't say you could keep them as pets now,did he?

A:  rolls his eyes and walks away


  1. Oh...its a bit frustrating being a child...


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