Some we lose.....

We went to the Food Exhibition and were disappointed. What with the  images of  being greeted by an array of tempting  yummy  exotic Arabic food floating in our heads as opposed  to be greeted with a replica of a big Jamaiya(Supermarket,cooperative).Yes it was a disappointment cause it was more like a Food Ingredients  Exhibition !

Like always , however, we turned it into a fun outting , just looking around _ tasting a free sample of  local pizza here and stuffing ourselves with some store bought samosas and chicken sandwiches there. We finished off the evening having  a good laugh at ourselves for our wanderlust.

A brought home a stray kitty  found abandoned near our place.The moment the kitty saw me sitting , he jumped on my lap and closed his eyes like he belonged there!

After he did that, I had no heart to refuse him in the house.I was even ready to put up with some breathlessness ,bad itching eyes and take my allergan .

Later when  we took him to the Vet , we discovered that he was completely infected with Ring worms and ear mites .

In the meantime poor little M started wheezing so badly that we had to put him on the nebulizer.And found out that he was allergic to the cat too.

The decision was easy, though it broke A's heart and even mine,to leave the poor infected kitty in the hospital.They have a pet rescue place too. Never mind, we paid an arm and a leg for the treatment.

Right now, I'm torn between a depressing sense of loss  , being heartbroken to see A so upset, who tears up everytime he thinks of Snowflake _Yea ,we christened the fellow Snowflake_ and also having to do the right thing for M.

I never knew you could fall in love with a  Cat and feel sad over having to give it up inspite of having it around only for a night.


  1. Awww. Hopefully Snowflake will find a warm and loving home. I hate allergies!


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