Weekend Fun!

Our weekends are no longer Thrusdays and Fridays but Fridays and Saturdays.First week ,it seemed like we were working more days before the weekend arrived .

After I had a wonderful and exciting day today, I am glad, there is one more day ,to stay awake late in the night and not worry about waking up late for school the next morning.

My friend took me to an Exhibition  today , mostly of handmade  things.I was so thrilled to see this stall full of crocheted stuff.


Simple ,useful things _Cell phone covers, make up pouches, pencil pouches,hairbands,Friendship bands,Small change purses all very cute and made with yarns I know.

I also got to taste stuffed Vine leaves,and quawa,(arabic coffee served in small cups which is continously refilled.) I think we need to develop the taste  for those. In all it was  very fun trip and I learnt a few wonderful things about the Arabic culture.

All the  baby stuff I begin to crochet, seems to be jinxed.I started a  blanket again after the  Round Ripple flop.I've had to frog that because it started  looking like a bow. Then I tried the basketweave stitch in hopes of making Dot's Basketweave blanket but the bernat coordinates yarn that I have doesn't look very good in it.Desperate to make a start somewhere,I cast on for a baby hat and all I've done with it  is ,cast on and frog so many times, I have lost count!Then I started making Mimi's Baby Booties and I havn't finished it up because little M has a bad cold and fever, and has been extremely cranky.So I put aside the baby stuff  to get back to, on a more peaceful day,and made a couple of pot holders instead .

 Crocheted Potholder


This pattern is  the Magic Square pattern I made earlier.

The Scalloped Potholder 

For both these potholders, I used Sugar and Cream yarn in  Aqua ( I think) and  a G hook.The Cone that I made all these Kitchen stuff is almost over now :(

the trellis head wrap .

DMC Babylo size 10 thread and a # 6 nameless hook. :)

If you wondered just now, about my  sudden interest in baby stuff _no, there's not going to be another baby here,in our home _ my SIL is going to be have a baby!  I'm super excited ,I'm going to be an Aunt  .Whats even more wonderful  is that her due date is on my birthday!  I 'm silly like that! I know! :P


  1. I like the items on the 2nd pic, those yarns look really lovely!
    Love your potholders...that is quite unfortunate about your attempts at making baby items...hehe....I've been making some baby hats and there's not even a remote chance of a baby in my family or clan. So I would be as excited if I were you for being a future aunt ;)

  2. Oh as you said, it will take sometime to adjust to this new weekend pattern. But for me the same. only for Jai it is postponed. Lovely hand craft items. Oh, i feel like taking the needle and thread again Pearlin. The locals are so good in handcrafts. Do you know that. Planning to go for Food Exhibition this week before Ramadan Starts. let me see. Lovely photos. Viji

  3. Thanks Mimi, I am so happy you understand :)

    Thanks Viji.I just discovered about the local's creativity at this Exhibition I went to .
    You know Viji, noone is going to be more thrilled than me if you go back to your needle and thread.Please do.
    Guess what ?we are planning to go there today if J can get off early from work. Thanks again for visiting my blog :)

  4. Congratulations Pearlin! You'll be an aunt . How thrilling! Better start picking out patterns you want to make . I'm alweays here if you need me.
    Welcome to the club! We've been having fri- sat weekend for a year now and you'll see that it seems better.
    Oh those crocheted goodies look so lovely! And that yarn..what is it ..chenille? Just wow! So much inspiration ...good for you.
    Don't worry about the baby stuff, you'll do it just fine, I know! The basket weave pattern always looks good with simple yarn without any texture or shades. Otherwise the pattern will look crowded and the stitch will not have the desired effect.

  5. Congrats!!!

    Thanx for sharing all of your pics! Love the avatar too!

  6. Thanks Yasmin
    It is a kind of novelty yarn. Almost like deco ribbon in wool , polymide acrylic blend.

    Hi Sallenlouise
    Thanks and welcome :)


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