A Crochet Gift

Dh and I went to meet Dh's ex coworker and his wife who is pregnant ,yesterday.She speaks Urdu and I can't even speak Hindi but can understand a bit.So we communicated through her husband who translated what I said to her and viceversa.

After the intial awkwardness of the exercise, I happened to look at the crochet doily that she had on her coffee table and asked if she made it.She said yes,and somehow after that we didn't need a translator! She showed me all the purses she had made and Boy were they creative!!They were all so dainty .

I wish I had taken my camera with me.I was  so surprised when she told me that they were all her patterns and has never followed a pattern, ever to make anything.She is leaving to India for good soon , and she gave me an absolutely gorgeous bag as a  parting gift. Wasn't that just the sweetest thing to do?!!!!

A closeup

Somehow all the wonderful people I meet are going back to India for good or to someother country or they are online and we havn't met in real life.....boo hooo.


  1. Sorry to know she'll be far away as well...
    It is a lovely bag...was it made from fine thread?
    Most of the crocheters here don't follow patterns too, mainly because they're not good in English and they learned crocheting by was just by imitating the finished pieces.

  2. Wow, that is beautiful. I've been seeing lots who just kinda crochet with the flow and I'm envious.


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