Charted August Doily and Blog Name change

Here' s the August Charted doily.

The thread I used is called Red Rose which I got while I was in India two years back.

A friend tells me it is size 20. I used a .55 mm Tulip hook.I needed a little more than one 20 grm spool.

Ran out of thread in the last  row.The thread I substituted is not very visible_ the varigated thread I used ,also had the solid colour I substituted with .So its not obvious.

This thread was little hard on my fingers .I do have quite a bunch of these in assorted colours...... so,what do I do with the rest?!! Probably will make bookmarks or coasters with them

I am keeping this for my home :)

 About the Change of the Blog Title: I felt a need to have a more generic title so I can share other interests  here on the blog,without having to feel guilty about not sticking exclusively to crochet .


  1. Nice color and design, goes well with the vase ;)
    Good for you, you still love to cook and paint...I used to love it too, but now I've outgrown all my other crafts ;)


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