Eid Weekend and after

Over the Eid weekend, dh had to work and so we were left to do our own thing.A went to a half day retreat at his sunday school with his friends . Which he said he throughly enjoyed.

A and M watched Lion King,the Sound of Music, Fairy Tale Theatre, Mary Poppins and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang back to back throughout the weekend .They are now humming the songs and talking about scenes which I find very cute . I am excited that they enjoy the same movies I did as a kid and can sing along with them.

A was telling me about something that was' too sweet' and M goes," mumma you know, Truly said Too sweet too in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" my jaw dropped open that he actually understood what they were saying!!

I am planning to put together a craft corner for me and most of the time was spent rearranging furniture. It still has a long way to go before looking anywhere near a nifty craft corner.With the teeny tiny space we have , I think its going to take a lot of planning.

I 've got a new toy to play with ....... a sewing machine! I've always wanted to learn to sew.Since I havn't found anyone willing to teach me,I 've decided to teach myself.But the main reason I got a sewing machine is ,I have a new hobby waiting to unfurl ;) I am not talking about it yet for fear of jinxing the whole thing.If you have guessed it.... sssssssshhhhhh

I also found a new hairstylist who chopped off about seven inches of my hair.I love the new style and the boys really liked it too so I am a happy camper :)

The only family thing we did was , meet up with a friend of ours after a looong time.Since most of the friends we've made here are dh's work related friends, with new jobs and different timings we've all grown apart over time.Moreover I am the only one staying at home, rest of the ladies are all working women. Which again makes it very hard to keep up with each other's lives.When Bil and family were here,we never really had a social life apart from them .Honestly we didn't feel the need to have a social circle other than them.So I think we didn't make enough of an effort too.Anyways,it was fun catching up.We've promised to keep in touch more often..

Oh and Muse decided to stop by again! ;) More on that later......but do keep in mind lil' ol' me is not overly talented and even with an overworked muse at hand ,there's only so much she can do.

Today I have to go prepare some bulk food, for the Harvest Festival in our chruch.I have a food stall .I wanted to have some crochet items too, but wasn't too sure how much handmade things will be appreciated .So I am just sticking to the food.....and M hasn't gone to school today coz he seems to have a stomach upset.........talk about timing.


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