Hats off

I never wear hats simply because I am not  used to wearing hats!.However this past week I haven’t been doing much except make hats.

This hat was so pretty that I just had to make it.


I used a J hook and a yarn called   Bernat Beralla in Natural (col 8940,Lot AAS) I got this yarn from my secret pal . Its 100%Acrylic.

The pattern is so easy that I made it in about half an hour.Other hats I am working on are a couple Knit and one Crochet. The weather is getting better and the breeze is getting slightly cooler.Soon winter will be upon us before we know it! And it really gets cold around here ,so I am making each of the boys a hat and scarf. 

M wanted me to use the Jazzy yarn called Ziggy I had for his hat. Very disco colors that only children his age would love :P  I am not using any pattern in particular for that.

I also finished the charted doily that we did as a group project. It still needs to be blocked which I hope to do over the weekend.

Lately I haven’t had much motivation to crochet or knit anything challenging. So I just stick to ones where I can plonk myself in front of the TV and knit or crochet without having to look at what I am working on.

I have  changed my mind about the Baby Blanket again,(that was a surprise rt?! )I 've started another pattern now.More on that later coz I hope this pattern will be the final one.*fingers crossed.*

 In other news , A said the Indian Pledge at the function held for Gandhi Jayanthi. Parents weren’t invited to go see function which was a disappointment.It was a big event for A and  I would have loved to watch him say it.Take a picture to mark the event.He had to compete with a few other children to get selected and  it is also his first  time. A saw me taking pictures of the hat and some other stuff and asked me “Mamma you want to be a photographer when you grow up?” :)


  1. Those hats are cute, you're probably going to be wearing hats from now on ;)
    Congrats for your son's achievement, it is indeed disappointing not to be there.

  2. I love this hat-it's on my "to do" list for sure!

  3. the hats looks nice, can you model for us pearlin? so we can see how does it looks like =)

  4. Thanks Mimi :)

    Deneen would love to see your version!

    Ria, its me modelling it , I just cut out my face coz I am too camera shy :)

  5. Oh, this hat is so beautiful. I like the colors you chose too.

  6. Thanks Penguin and Fish and Welcome to my Blog :)

  7. [...] The hat I started sometime back is now done. I started without a pattern and get didn’t know what to do when it came to descrease part.So I incorporated what I did for the ribbed baby hat.End result, there is tiny visible hole right in the middle on the crown!!I think I could make a pompom and cover up the hole . [...]


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