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 Edited to add :

How did this post come here?!!! I just saw it and had no idea it was even here.I 'm leaving it here on coz I THINK it was lil M's work.He must have typed those letters when I got up from the computer leaving the screen open.I could tell him he started blogging even before he knew it :P


  1. hahaha....I saw that post, Pearlin. I just thought you wanted to post, but was lost for words. And what I guessed was you've been eating yummy stuff...mmm...
    Anyways, your latest bag is pretty. I've had the same thing happen to me when I realized I could make my own bags. I've made so many, and it took a lot for me to know the perfect bag that I want. Of course, I still haven't found "perfect", but at least now I'm using what I make and not just let it sit in the closet :p


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