Technically we don’t celebrate Hindu festivals at home.That doesn’t mean that we  don’t part take in the festivities .During festivals, our neighbours and friends send over packets of homemade delicacies and  we do the same for Christmas.We dress up and burst crackers together for our respective festivals and often have the festival meal together. It is a practice that our parents continue to this day .And when we go back home, we still go and deliver these sweet packets to all our neighbours.

One special sweet that comes in  all these packets during Deepavali  is Susiyam,which is unique to our part of TN. Its an absolute favourite of my brother and dh.

Susiyam is really a very simple and easy sweet.


1 cup Chana Dhal(kadala parupu)

1 cup grated coconut

1 cup jaggery(vellum)

1/2 tsp cardamom powder

1 cup all purpose flour

Method :

Boil the chana dhal in one cup of water.Drain and keep aside.

Blend the boiled chana dhal ,jaggery,coconut and cardamom in a mixie.

Roll out into the balls and keep aside.

Mix the all purpose flour in water to form a  batter thick enough to coat the prepared balls.

Dip the balls in this batter .See that it coats well,and deep fry.

Remove on to paper towels. Serve.


  1. Pearlin Thank you for this wonderful entry. Just love this sweet. We used to make it with moong dhal and rice and dhal grinded paste. With maida it can be made very quick. Thank you. Viji

  2. Its a pleasure for me to be part of this event, Viji :)

  3. Hi Pearlin, I made Sugian too, you spell it differently too. So many names for the same dish!:))
    Looks delicious, good that I found you.Great entry.

    My Sugian is here.

  4. This is my childhood favourite. Too bad, the sweet shops have stopped selling 'em, at least the ones I used to visit.

  5. Hi Asha
    Welcome , Great to know you made the same dish too.I didn't know it was called Sugian also Thanks :)

    Hi Suganya
    Welcome to my blog, I have also not seen them in shops nowadays thanks fo rdropping by :)

  6. I love these. We call them Poornam boorelu and I am going to make them for this Diwali. Thanks for the recipe.

  7. Hi Hima welcome.Seems like this simple sweet has many names :) yw

  8. HI Purlyces

    I have became a fan of your cooking and Knotty Hands website. I prepared pesarat yesterday and it came out well. today planning to prepare susiyam.
    I'm learning to cook and this web page helps me a lot and my husband likes my cooking.
    Thanks a lot. waiting for more updates from you.

  9. Thanks Arthy, for your feedback and Welcome to my Blog :)


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