Baby Boy's Blanket

One terribly coughing wheezing kid + a feverish squeaky mom( thanks to the changing weather)+ a very irritating cabbie = no fun. Ofcourse someone must get sick and need to be taken to the hospital when the resident driver is travelling, and every other cabbie that the mom knows must have a car breakdown and she needs to hire someone with Attitude as high as the Himalayas.....oh well whats life without definetly to add a dash of spice to the boring life of a mom who can't drive to save her life :P

Thankfully, we are happy to be back to our boring routine life!!_ the sick ones are on the road to mend and the irritating cabbie has been done with.Now I have a new reason to learn to drive.I do mean to carry out my resolution this time.

And Finally, the BabyBoy Blanket has reached the soon to be mom.

Project Details:


Baby Coordinates from Bernat (75.2% acrylic 22.2 acetate 2.6% Nylon )

Aqua Pink colour 01100

White colour 01000

I used about two and a half of aqua/pink and a little less than two skein of white for both the blanket and baby cap.

H/8 hook


Baby Boy's Blanket....Family Circle Easy Crochet....easy no mistakes pattern.I didnot like the pattern at first since it was holey, but eventually grew on me as I decided to back it with a flannel.Since Dh had to travel at short notice, I didnot put in the flannel backing like I wanted, so I could send it through him.Still I think it will keep the baby warm.

This yarn was a gift ,from a very sweet lady in a group I belonged to, when I was pregnant with M. She was a huge support to me, when I used to feel down about not being able to concieve second time round like I wanted to. I couldn't make anything for M with it as my little imp decided to arrive at 32 weeks...less than a week after this gift arrived :)

The book from which this pattern came from, was a ROAK from Vera.

My wish, that goes with this blanket for my little to be Nephew, is that he recieves kindness and love where ever he goes, even from unknown faces but people with kind loving and generous hearts. Just like what the blanket ,he is wraped in, represents .

I made the matching hat with the pattern from here.


  1. What a wonderful baby gift, Pearlin! The blanket looks warm enough...besides, if its cold the baby would be wearing a jacket.
    Btw, driving might save you some trouble, still you won't be free of irritating drivers :p

  2. is a wonderful gift....looks pretty

  3. Thanks Mimi, I know you are rt abt those drivers :)

    Thanks Asha Deneen and Nima. :)

  4. That's a very cute baby blamket and cap set. I'm sure it will well loved and used.
    Don't even start me on the cab drivers ......I can go on and on.


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