India Trip (part three)

The highlight of our trip to India, was the visit to my ancestral Village.I hadn't gone there since I was twelve or something.I wanted my children to know this place.Although it has been a long time since I've been there, there are some very sweet memories associated with it.

We spotted a very picturesque place enroute.There was a lovely little stream running through a mango groove.

So we decided to spread out picnic lunch there


Just as we were leaving, a group spotted us and decided to have lunch there too. Don't they all look cute sitting like that?

A and M nearby the stream with the toy binaculors Mom got them both.

This is M posing near a termite mound,turned into a shrine.

I just realised I didn't post this soooooo


  1. Hi,

    Nice to see your comment in my blog. They are not kits. Patterns are freebies available online. I got that round frame from local needlework store.

    By the way , are you an Indian.....Is this pic from tamilnadu....Nice to meet you, i'm also an Indian

  2. Beautiful photos P! Look at those green mangoes hanging in there!! Kids look happy and enjoying the trip. Enjoy sweetie!:))

  3. Loved the pic of the groupof ppl sitting there for their lunch.


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