Mimi's Cute and Handy Mesh Bag

Mimi let me test her Crocheted Mesh Bag.Although I finished  this bag a few days back, I couldn't get online to post it.

So  anyways,here is the Crocheted Mesh Bag.The colour is true in this picture.

 I used a

 F hook

 11/4 skeins of Catania 100%cotton in Varigated colour 0035(partie 228)

 1 spool of cannon size 8 thread in Varigated colour 0023 (dyelot 252522)

I had got the catania and cannon threads at different times ,however both were similar varigated colours!

This bag is so easy to make and the instructions extremely easy to follow. I finished it in less than an hour.Which means you can make one to match  every dress you wear when you go shopping :)


  1. Pearlin, that's really cute, I like the color :)
    Did you really finish it in less than an hour? You're a fast crocheter!

  2. That is cute-once Election season is over, I'm on it!

  3. Thanks Mimi, is it supposed to take longer?! I didn't exactly time it as such, but approx.that was all it took :)

    Thanks Deneen, will look forward to the one you make :)

  4. How beautiful!! Very appropriate Fall colors you have chosen!! I used to Crochet before "marriage", after that no time for anything!! May be I will start again when my kids move out to college!!;D

  5. I did not time myself, however I'm sure it will take me at least two hours. But I made my handy mesh bag using 3 strands of Cannon, and I can't work faster on it compared to using Catania with one strand of Cannon. The latter is smoother and much easier to crochet with.

  6. Mimi ,You are right about Catania, it just glides on the hooks :)

  7. Thanks Asha.it would be great if you start crocheting again.:)

  8. Pearlin, the bag has turned out really cute. I love the colours...so warm and attractive. Aren't Mimi's patterns so lovely?

  9. yea I love MIMI's patterns,thanks :)


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