Just Felt it!

Presenting my very first felted project, Deneen's Marvelous Mini Tote . Great for a first felting project. I felted about three times before all the stitches disappeared completely. That is the touch stone for being completely felted? I am not sure if I felted too much.Tell me please.
I liked the end result though.Its cute and small, thats how I like my bags to be :)
Project Details:

Yarn: Patons Double Knitting 100% new wool yarn in dark Chocolate (Shade 5 Lot 33021)

Hook :K hook

Pattern: Marvelous Mini Tote

Before felting

After the second wash

After final Felting

This was how the yarn looked when I first worked with it, cut every few inches .I made so many knots to join the breaking threads.However when it felted , it really didn't show it was a bad yarn at all.Most importantly the ugly knots didn't show after the felting either.

Little M is totally under the weather this season. Poor thing has been on antibiotics every other week .I hope they find out soon what is causing his wheezing and cough.As a result we all have been kind of down ,with no inclination to bring out the tree and decorate or start any Christmas preparations  yet.


  1. Oh sorry to hear about your son, hope he gets well soon.

    Your felted project looks good Pearlin! It looks so sturdy and goes well with any outfit...I love brown!

  2. The bag came out terrific-felted a bit smaller than mine do (my washer stinks for felting). The nice thing is that the knots won't show-;). It looks like it felted perfectly and you can use a clothing shaver to get some of the uneven fuzziness.

    I am sorry about your son. Elena was on antibiotics for several months, a "preventative" dose when she was under a year old for constant strep throat, which resulted in her getting her tonsils out at a year old. She didn't weigh quite the amount they wanted, but did the surgery anyway because how many infections she kept getting. She's never had strep again, but the end result is that after taking Amoxicillin for other infections from age 1 to 4, she is now allergic to it and gets hives all over from it.

    Maybe with your son there is an allergen they can test for. Good luck.

  3. Hi Perlin,

    Good to see your felted bag...This craft is totally a new information for me.

    Is it a particular yarn for felting. or is it ordinary crochet yarn. Or if we wash any crochet item in washing machine, will it turn like this...i'm totally confused.

    Thank you for your comment in my blog. The yarn i used for purse is cotton yarn....it is something of local brand yarn using for crochet and knitting available in the local needlework shop.

  4. Great job at the felting! Your bag has turned out really cute. Now you've inspired me to brave it out myself and try felting and I just happened to find some pure wool yarn the other day. So I'll give it a shot too
    I hope your little fella is feeling better soon. With kids being sick it is a damper on celebration but hey get that tree on and put on the goodies...the kiddo will recover with joy !!


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