Felting Gone Wrong!

The Well Travelled Bag......... I cannot decide if I am disappointed or not with the result, yet.

I had wanted to make this pattern for a very long time

Waited a year until I found the grommets.

Really was feeling pleased after the pattern turned out to be no fuss at all.

Learnt to make the handles on the French Knitter with this great video

The  yarn has felted really nicely  and it took just one wash,Full Cycle.

What  I totally  wasn't expecting was that the colour would bleed!!!!

I had envisioned a bag similar to the  the beautiful bag in the pattern . But my fern green disappeared completely  and my bag  looked better unfelted


 I don't know where it went wrong, and I do have some scrap yarn to try again and find out.Maybe a smaller version.

The Patons I found here, worked so nicely that I used the same settings for this too. I wonder if I should have used a shorter cycle.

So the deed has been done.The more I look at it as I type, the I feel sad that it didn't turn out the way I was expecting it to. Still I don't completely dislike it.

Maybe I will try this  same pattern with the patons yarn  I  found here.A trip to the  Sewing store to check if they have any of  those Patons yarns left there still, is in order.

The Project Details:


Knit Picks Wool of the Andes  100% Peruvian wool : 3/4 th skein Holly berry(lot 84440) ;Tan (lot 98060) ; Fern (lot 85680)

Knit Picks  Wool of the Andes 100% Peruvian Highland wool ( are they different??) :2 skeins chocolate (lot 2086)

Hook :K susan Bates

Notions:Grommets (I must thank hubby who pounded it in for me)

Pattern: Dawn's Well Travelled Bag

M has laid claim to it  already to put in his toys . And I may never use it so I gave it away happily.


 This winter has been really rough for M_ several doctor visits, loads of medicines,  that have made him weak still we hope he will get over this phase.Now that it is almost time for  M to  move over to  K.G in Spring,  I have decided to have him at home until his  health  improves a little .

The school admission process has started already.We had to get him vaccinated and give the medical papers to the school office on the 31st.Since he was sick the whole of last week, we could not give his vaccination but today. , the doc gave the green to get the BCG vaccination  TEST injection .

He was so brave about it.Never screamed or yelled, just clenched his teeth and cried silently_ Broke. My .Heart. _I mean if he had screamed and thrashed around, I wouldn't have hurt so much, but seeing him, sit there and trying to be brave and with just tears falling down his cheeks silently ,did it for me .

When it was over ,we all hugged him but he wanted only A to hold him. And told him through his tears "Annan it pained a lot" as A kissed away his tears and nodded.

Another milestone......sigh . sniff.


  1. It doesn't look too bad from the pic, and you did such a good job crocheting and felting!


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