New Beginnings ......

Amid the rejoicing and celebrations over the birth of my Nephew 7th Jan, and me becoming  an Aunt for the first time  ;I present to you the first FO of the Year 2008

Project Details:

Yarn : Six skeins of Schachenmeyer Nomotto Extra 100% New Wool (machine washable) in Colour 3556 lot 9974

Hook : H Hook Susan Bates

Pattern: Japanese Book

I always love working from charts , plus it had Pineapples and a lacy edging, what more could I ask?This is for my aunt, I am planning to make all the girls in the family a wearable this year, lets see how it goes.This  shawl is quite warm inspite of being so lacy and if I get more of this yarn, I am going to make me one in  a different colour.

 Usually I make several New Year Resolutions and try to keep them- some I break, some I keep , this year my only resolution is to stay as close as possible to my whole family and not sweat over the small things in that is two rt :D


  1. Congratulations brand new auntie!:))

    Beautiful shawl, must have taken you a long time, worth it though.Looks great!

  2. WOW!!! Love your shawl Pearlin, what a great project to start the year.
    Congrats on having your nephew! I look back the first time I became an Aunt, and it was a memorable event.

  3. Thanks Asha :) it ididnot take very long, it works up quickly.

    Thank you Mimi, feel really sad that I am not there to see him and hold him.


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