The Weekly Update

I went back ,to the quilt workshop I took earlier ,again.

When I started the quilting workshop,I hardly knew how to use the machine .Was too nervous as it was the first time for me to go out alone and do something.

Quilting looks easy but needs a lot of precision which I understand comes with practise like the other hobbies. Its always nice to be able to clear doubts with the teacher when you are trying out.

Like I had mentioned earlier, my teacher is The Best ,so she made sure I learnt quite a lot.But in my frazzled state of mind, I felt I missed out a lot of things she taught. So I went back .

There are some wonderful ladies in this workshop,and it' s fun as there are five of us as opposed to two of us last time.

The first project we are working on is the London stairs.

I am so excited ,I cut the fabric straight, stitched it straight,and whats more even got the quarter inch correct. I have more confidence with my machine. So I enjoyed this first class more than the past one.

I have plans to work, some of those lessons I learn at the class, at home by myself without the teacher supervising my work.And Plan to record it all here.

This is the first step

And if you think , I have put aside my crochet,I am sorry, you guessed wrong ;)

I am working on the FBB

also making a handle for the Well travelled Bag on the French Knitter


Today is the My Dad's birthday. I always love it when he says that mom gave him the best birthday gift ever when she brought me into the world on the 18th Jan. He still has the telegram that he recieved when he was away in college announcing my arrival.

Totally the daddy's girl still,I think HE IS THE BEST DAD in the whole wide world :)

M insisted that it was totally unfair that I celebrate my birthday alone.So he decided ,it was his birthday as well .

He never let us forget for a minute the whole day, that it was his birthday as well :Made me kiss him happy birthday after he kissed me happy birthday ,made everyone who called to wish me ,wish him also; I promised him or rather he made me promise ,that we would share the gifts I get .Which is why, he is all smiles on 'his birthday' and mine :)

When we were getting ready to sleep :

M :so is our birthday over today mumma?

Me : yes darling

M : when IS my real birthday ?

Me: In July Sweetheart

M: you will not get to celebrate my birthday with me ,Ok mumma?It will be just for me Ok mumma? you donot get to join in ok mumma?

Me: Sure baby .

Satisfied with clearing up any sort of misapprehension that might lurk in my mind on that account, he kissed me goodnight and went to sleep happy and contented. Imp !!!

A pleaded with puppy eyes and flicked the hat I made for dh , from him.Not long before he starts flicking all of dad's stuff , I guess!


  1. Daddy's girl, you're lucky!
    Belated happy birthday Pearlin! (and I greeted you yesterday too ;)

  2. Belated Happy Birthday Pearlin ! Good to see that you have started off the year with cool stuff! So happy for you. Quilting has always made me nervous and it's good to see that you are doing good at it . I like your sampler, very impressive and the bags are looking great too , so far.
    The boys are looking ever so adorable! Mine cut my birthday cake and even got presents for himself !!! Talk about little imps getting the best!

  3. Thank you Mimi
    Thanks Yasmin , good to see you ,quilting is not hard since you also can sew, it will be a piece of cake for you.

  4. you'll have to tell me more about this quilt workshop! i'm a self taught quilter but i would love to learn more! is this a night or day thing, does the instructor speak english and where?

  5. Shanna I'll email you the details :)


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