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*picture heavy*

Not me, but my kids think they are :) poor things

Come National Day /Liberation Day, we are like the moth attracted to flame.Knowing fully well, we will be caught in endless traffic jams , be sprayed with party foam by some rude and some nice kids so much as to block visibility,we still go out to see the lights and the celebrations on the street.

The meds for the strep throat I am taking ,made me terribly sleepy and I slept through the entire ride around the city _woke up only when shaken vigorously to take pictures of beautifully decorated buildings_ while the boys laughed and squealed heartily at being sprayed with party foam all over the car.

I find it amusing that some kids ask permission before spraying foam on our windows which we give naturally, as they are so polite.Others think its their right to open the car doors forcibly and spray party foam all over you with faces so grim ,that it feels like they are out to punish you for god knows what crime.Ofcourse ,once bitten a couple of years back,we now make double sure the doors are locked .

We were not the only ones taking pictures, there were more professional photographers.

This is my favourite of them all

I heard this funny story of boys and girls spraying foam on each other, turns out that while the boys sprayed regular party foam on girls, the boys got sprayed with hair removing creams, by the girls.Do not know if this is true or not, but I found it hilarious when I heard it.


47 years of Kuwait's growth as a Country and 17 yrs after the Liberation.

Wanted to take pictures of the little kids dressed up in the colours of the National Flag, waving to passersby cutely , didn't want to offend the parents so didn't take their pictures.

More than the boisterous fun of spraying foams which sometimes gets out of hand, and can actually get irritating after a point, specially when they overdo it and lift the wipers and make it stand so as not to let us wipe out the foam on the windshield; I like watching people celebrate wearing funny caps , dresses and dancing without a care in the world ,some even pose for the camera when they see one in my hand :)



I did take small videos of some boys dancing on the streets, some of them were really really good.Its the energy on the streets that makes it such a fun evening.


  1. Beautiful photos!! Enjoy!:)

    Take care, Strep is a pest indeed. Hugs.

  2. Next week will be The Bidoon Day, they will decorate Jilleb Al-Shiyookh and the slupms of Jahra.

    Go Kuwait, celebration for the few.

  3. Please join me to celebrate Bidoon independance day.


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