And so she learnt

to quilt......

with lots of help

cheered on by the sweet little voice that sang, as she sewed the blocks together_" quilting is magic, quilting is joy"....... to the tune of Disney is Magic,Disney is joy


  1. That is so great to see P! My son learnt sewing in his "Life skills" class better than my daughter!!:D

  2. You have a very nice blog here..thanks for visiting my blog and leading me to urs..nice quilting patters, i am yet to try it out

  3. Looking good,good, good ! To the tune of feeling hot ,hot hot !

  4. Yea I know Asha, my brother can sew really well and learnt to use the sewing machine long before me. :D

    Hi Simpleindianfood, are you also the owner of Easycrafts?
    Welcome :)

    Thanks Yasi girl, so sorry some of your comments went into my spam folder.Btw, why do I never see you online?


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