Anyone missed me?

Fifth was our Wedding Anniversary. Eleven years  and still wishing for a lot more years together says it all in a nutshell .

Didn't have a big celebration as M still keeps getting severe Wheezing.It has gotten to a stage where I start dreading and get upset,  the minute he develops a runny nose.The endless doses of antibiotics and asthma medicines have made his very weak.And also very hyper.(Asthma meds do that)

So I have been feeling very desperate , depressed and totally frustrated_ plus we had no internet for a few days .Which meant  I couldn't talk to my mom back in India and vent away as much as I wanted. And also didn't have blogging on my mind.

 However the quilt workshop is there to take my mind off these depressing thoughts for a few hours.And when I look at the quilt shaping up, it really brightens me up.

 M ,my little monkey takes pleasure in immitating whatever I do, so when I am cooking, all the vessels comeout of the kitchen shelf and he cooks alongside me , same goes for everything else, crochet, knitting,  you name it.

While I was trying to quilt at home, he sat along side me and quilted .Took all the scraps and soaked them in water, when I prepared my fabric to quilt ,dried his 'quilting" on the heater when I hung mine to dry ,insisted I iron his scraps too, and also stitch up all the scraps as I did .

He  now thinks that quilting is the most fun thing to do _what with playing in the water while soaking the fabric, playing with the heater while drying the materials .So now he 'd rather go to the" quilting school", than to his real school......."Mumma take me to your quilting school, I don't want to go to my school"

Today was the admission day  at school. While he sat quietly , smiled sweetly and nodded to the Principal's questions , he threw a big tantrum when we had to leave the campus.Poor little guy had been thinking that I would leave him at the  school with A today,and bawled his eyes out .Turning beet red, I  bundled a thrashing, screaming M to run and hide in our car  while other parents looked on curiously unable to comprehend what hue and cry was about.Dh wasn't there to offer cover  and so I ran fast as I could.Phew, embarrassing moments come without a notice too!

 I've lost two readers on my bloglines,both are private profiles so I have no idea who lost interest in my blog and why.Makes me sad .Would love to know why they have lost interest. Any feedback anyone?

I have been quilting mostly but also did a little crochet here and there .Will post pictures later.


  1. Of course, we missed you!:))

    Congratulation on the 11th and gald to know that you still want more!! Hahaha!! Kidding, we had our 21st on Dec 7th too. It gets better and better!:))
    Sorry about D. My son has cold and fever, it's tough when kids are sick.Hope he gets well soon.

  2. Thanks Asha , good to know I was missed ! :))
    Congrats on your 21st anniversary, so good to hear that it gets better and better. The realisation just struck me :)

  3. Happy Anniversary Pearlin, hope you have more of what you wish for! Too bad, illness gets in the way of having a good time...I suppose fresh air and sunshine will do a lot for good health. Hope its spring already.
    Hmm...I don't think its anything personal that some subscribers will move on. First I was looking at the number of my subscribers and get disappointed too, but now it doesn't matter much to me. I just know that I blog for my own interest and help some people too, by sharing.
    I also notice that FO's, free patterns and links attract more visitors ;)

  4. Thank you Mimi,for the wishes and the feedback.I know I could count on you for one. ;)


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