"Pactise" makes perfect!

It was lunch time, and I had to get lunch ready or it would get late when the man comes to pick up dh's lunch.

M was quietly 'cooking' in his favourite corner.I really didn't mind all the vessels strewn around in the drawing room, or the noise of 'cooking 'as long as he kept out of my stuff and interupting my own cooking.

My stuff was in the bedroom so there was no way he would go there , I thought.I should have known better.

It was all so quiet_ too quiet so I peeked in to check on him.

I had to pick up my jaw that had  touched the floor by now.

"M,What do you think you are doing?" I asked  , my voice almost  a feverish high pitch by the end of the sentence .

"Pactising (Practising )to go to your school mumma" (meaning my quilt class ),came the calm, collected reply with look that said, 'whats the fuss about?, you should really be happy!'

Do I laugh or cry or bang my head against the wall and scream " Lord ,I need a break"?!

Mommies are not allowed tantrums ,you know, so I just thanked the lucky stars , he didn't cut his fingers and went on to think about the best solution to redeem the situation.

Two completed quilt blocks slashed in  random places with the rotary cutter.

Well,  I didn't have too much work to do all over again like I thought first .All is well that ends well I guess :)


  1. How adorable!Looks like you'll have tough competition with the little one as he has made a start way ahead of you!!! And 'pactise ' makes perfect! Good thing he didn't hurt himself.
    I like your quilting blocks . The colours and prints are so pretty. It looks good already!!


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